Featured Author: David Arbuckle (Thaddeus Arjuna)

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David Arbuckle (Thaddeus Arjuna)
  1. Author Bio

Retired Chef with a Creative void that needed filling. I walked away from sautee pans and found writing therapeutic. I am an expat living in Bali Indonesia and surrounded by beauty.

  • List of all your published books

The Mansion at Peacock Gully, unsolved mystery.  Vishnu’s Tears, Spiritual Odyssey in the Balinese Jungle. Genesis II Evolution of Eve,  Martian Sci-Fi

  • Most recent book published

Genesis II Evolution of Eve,  Martian Sci-Fi

An Extinction Event of Earth’s Ecosystems has forced humans to retreat to Mars. Mars offers hope, and Eve, a teenager growing up on the red planet is the unlikely hero. Evolution forces mankind to adapt in this Apocalyptic interplanetary saga. If you loved The Stand or Mission to Mars or, Children of Men, you will thoroughly enjoy Genesis II Evolution of Eve.

  • 2 or 3 things about yourself that you have never revealed to your fans before.

I am a  Chef, who spent a lifetime in hot kitchens writing menus and designing wine lists. Take note when you come to food in one of my books. I will describe it with detail. Because I always believed that food was the great communicator. That food shared with friends was more powerful than anything else in life. That you could solve all of life’s crises over a good meal with a glass of wine.  When I traveled it wasn’t the sites that thrilled me, it was the food. I wanted to know everything about food which in turn told me everything about the culture.