Interview: Martin J Best

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General Info:

  1. Name: Martin J. Best
  2. Your city, state & country of residence: Torquay, Devon, England.
  3. Author Bio: Martin J. Best was born in Torquay, England, in 1965, and remains there with his wife Kim and Northern Inuit dog, Shadow. Martin grew up in an actively haunted house, which probably accounts for his abiding fascination with the paranormal. He has had a varied working life, including many years running his own mobile disco business. He now writes full-time, and when not working, enjoys walking, music, and ghost hunting.
  4. Titles & genres of your available books:
    The Moth Trap’ – Paranormal Thriller Short Story.
    ‘A Step Aside’ – Dark Fantasy Short Story.
    ‘The Novice Ghost Hunter’ – Paranormal Thriller Short Story.
    ‘Ghost Hunter: A Matter of Faith’ – Paranormal Dark Fantasy Thriller.
    ‘Ghost Hunter: Of Gods and Ghosts’ – Paranormal Dark Fantasy Thriller.
    ‘Ghost Hunter: Blood Ties’ – Paranormal Dark Fantasy Thriller.
    ‘Ghost Hunter: Remnants and Revenants’ – Paranormal Dark Fantasy Thriller.
    ‘Ghost Hunter: Pariahs’ – Paranormal Dark Fantasy Thriller.
  5. Links to your works on Amazon, B&N, etc:
    ‘The Moth Trap’ –
    ‘A Step Aside’ –
    ‘The Novice Ghost Hunter –
    ‘Ghost Hunter: A Matter of Faith’ –
    ‘Ghost Hunter: Of Gods and Ghosts’ –
    ‘Ghost Hunter: Blood Ties’ –
    ‘Ghost Hunter: Remnants and Revenants’ –
    ‘Ghost Hunter: Pariahs’ –
  6. If you have more than one book, please highlight the book you are currently promoting on our site: ‘Ghost Hunter: Pariahs’ 
  7. Brief description/teaser/blurb of selected book: Malachi Hunter and his team of paranormal investigators find themselves facing a poltergeist haunting on an unprecedented scale in an abandoned orphanage. Meanwhile, former MI5 agent Adam Ross, on an undercover mission for ghost hunter Wolfe Fisher, finds himself part of the Partisans of Taranis’ insane quest for The Fall, gateway to the lands of the Celtic Gods. The ghost hunters are forced to leave the haunting and confront the Partisans, but even if they prevail, can they live with the consequences?
  8. Twitter handle: @martinjbest1
  9. Facebook address:
  10. Website address:
  11. About your writing
  12. What inspires you to write? I am inspired by events in my own life, dreams, and a desire to share my thoughts.
  13. What do you love most about writing? I love the creative process, turning a few, often disjointed, ideas into a, hopefully, cohesive story.
  14. What’s the most challenging part? Restraining myself to avoid rushing towards a dramatic scene.
  15. How do you craft your story & characters? I begin a story with a few particular events and locations in mind, and adapt as inspiration strikes. I see all my characters as real people, and I attempt to imbue them with traits that are appropriate in relation to their part in the story. In the ‘Ghost Hunter’ series there are several recurring characters, and I like to think that they have evolved as the series progresses.
  16. How much research is involved? I research extensively to provide accurate geographical, historical, mythological, and scientific background to the stories. My ambition is to make my work as credible as possible, and to this end I incorporate genuine history, locations, and science.
  17. How long did it take from idea to finished book? ‘Ghost Hunter: Pariahs’ took nine months.
  18. Do you have any writing rituals or habits? Who influences you the most? I can write almost anywhere, but prefer to be seated in my armchair in our lounge. I usually have local radio or my music playing. Two of my major influences are Clark Ashton Smith and Mervyn Peake as both capture the outlandish and strange beautifully, but in very different styles. Alan Garner is also a source of constant inspiration.
  19. What is your favorite theme/genre to write? I enjoy writing anything with a paranormal and/or hard fantasy element.
  20. Which character you’ve created is your favorite? Why? I’m particularly fond of Cunomaglos, the Hound Lord. He is engaging, loyal, and sometimes completely amoral.
  21. Do any of your life experiences worm their way into your books? They do. For example, Malachi Hunter’s encounter with the ghost on the landing in ‘The Novice Ghost Hunter’ is based on something that happened to me.
  22. How do you like to connect with readers? I’ve been lucky enough to discuss some of my books in person with a few readers. Other than that, social media is favourite.
  23. What do you hope readers take away from your books? I hope that they’ll consider the ideas postulated, and find the stories plausible.
  24. Who helps you with the critique and editing process? Do you ever hate something you’ve written? My wife Kim is an enormous help, and my friend Phillip has an eagle-eye for plot detail and accuracy. I do sometimes cringe when re-reading certain passages.
  25. How do you overcome any nagging self-doubt that inevitably creeps in? I’m not sure that I ever do completely. Kim reminds me that readers are enjoying my work, and that motivates me to continue.
  26. Do you read all reviews? Yes, although sometimes I wish that I didn’t!
  27. Why are reviews important? Reviews are important because they provide feedback to the author, and offer a range of opinions to potential readers.
  28. What advice would you give aspiring writers? Strive for technical competence, but tell your story in your own voice.
  29. What can you tell us about what we’ll see from you next? I have plans for one further ‘Ghost Hunter’ novel (for now), and then I have an idea for a Dark Fantasy outing.
  • About Indie Publishing
  • Why did you choose to publish as an Indie Author? What obstacles have you encountered? I choose to publish independently because of the editorial and subject freedom it allows. The main obstacles I have encountered are in marketing my work, and the prejudice which exists against Indie Authors.
  • How did you overcome those challenges? What has been the highlight of this journey? I promote my work via social media, and use various paid advertising options. To counter the prejudice against Indie Authors, much of which centres around quality issues, I strive to produce the best manuscript possible.
  • Any tips for someone considering going Indie vs Traditional Publishing? Be prepared to work hard and master skills outside of your comfort zone.