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JB Morris, bestselling author of SETH, has received multiple awards for writing excellence and is author of the sweeping  new thriller, THE BEIJING MEMORANDUM.

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“This read was unlike any other I have read previously and thrillers are definitely my thing. This one was a whole other level of thriller.”

“The plot is intricate, complex, compelling and believable. I could see this sort of sinister activity occurring in real life.”

From the pen of JB MORRIS, multiple award winning and bestselling author of SETH, comes the sweeping novel about the United States’ greatest strategic and military threat—Communist China.

Make no mistake: the China threat is real.

From the heavily guarded Zhongnanhai compound in Beijing, Situation Room at the White House, FBI Headquarters in Washington D.C., and the Palacio Nacional in Mexico City comes the breathtaking THE BEIJING MEMORANDUM.

Former Marine Gunnery Sergeant Moses Remington. Moses knew terror firsthand. He saw it during his combat deployments in Fallujah, Iraq, and in the Helmand Province, Afghanistan. He saw it again in Mexico when he stumbled across China’s secret plan.

Despite the efforts of Chinese assassins and a FBI dragnet, Moses dodged his capturers in an effort to save Consulate General Gao Quan and his family from certain execution and disclose to the world China’s secret plans.

“If you love an international thriller filled with terrorists, international intrigue, and a realistic plot of America’s greatest threat today, then this book is for you.”

Please list 2 or 3 things about yourself that you have never revealed to your fans before. 

I was a television TV Weatherman for ten years.

I served as a state representative for three terms in the Oregon Legislature.

Is there anything you would like your fans or fellow authors to know. 

I write and edit only one draft of my novels.